Big Tuna:

I am the owner of a Defever 49′ RPH (2005).  As a boater, we all know that maintenance is an ongoing thing.  We can choose to ignore it to save a few dollars, only to find that “down the road” these few dollars turn into many dollars, time and frustration.  I was fortunate enough to have met Gary Ferrer at Port Moody Marine.  For the last 18 months of boat ownership, he was my “guy”.  I really appreciated this feeling of having someone that I knew I could trust to care for my boat as I did.  He was not just a “fix it and go” person.  He showed empathy and a level of care.  He offered options and explained the pros and cons of different approaches.  He stood by his work and rectified any issues that arose after the initial work was done.  He did all this for a very reasonable price.  I never felt ‘ripped off’.  Some of the work he did on my boat is as follows:  numerous gelcoat repairs (cracks, holes), changing a black water discharge pump, tracing and fixing water leaks, removed and custom manufactured a new base that was leaking above the forward stateroom.  He also offered my some valuable advice on some of the maintenance items I performed myself.  There were numerous other things Gary did.  He is quite knowledgeable in many areas.  I would highly recommend Gary as the “anchor” in your boat maintenance team to ensure that you have trouble free cruising.

Paul Jackson, Chilliwack


Thank you Gary for your advice re: painting my deck using Interlux brightside and Interlux 333.  It made all the difference in the world.  Sometime in the future, next season I will aquire some of the services provided by your company. You gave me the advice honestly and without expectation of and further commitment by me in return.  I have always believed in the give a lot get a lot principle.  Again thank you for your honesty and integrity.


Mike Mezzabarba

Reed Point Marina